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pwr records

Since 2016, focusing on the independent scene, PWR has been connecting and guiding new artists through the music market.

As the biggest brazilian music label working with/for women and other gender minorities in music, in the past 6 years we built a strong network to take their careers futher. We now believe it's time to open our services for women and non-binary people from around the world.

Our organization starts from a diagnosis and definition of pwr's goals along the career with the artist.

what we do

  • Global Distribution: Distribution to every DSP and digital stores around the world, in 150+ Countries or Latin America only;

  • Pre-Save / Smartlinks + Marketing tools;

  • Strategical planning & customised direct pitches to editorial playlists;

  • Analytics: cross-platform streaming insights, playlist history, skip rates;

  • Artist Branding, Artworks and Recording: at this stage we link the artist to our partnering graphic designers, creatives and recording studios globally. We’re developing an ecosystem to help and connect both artists & creators;

  • A&R Team monitors the artist and the market in order to find opportunities to push the artist into more opportunities.

  • Live Booking and Tour management  @ Brazil;

  • We create licensed products for our label and artists such as t-shirts, socks, hoodies and more;

  • We can make vinyl and physical copies of your work if there's a commercial demand.

  • Marketing, Promo and Press Campaigns

contact us:   |   @pwrrecords   |   +55 81 996 156 628

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